Forum Mall, Mangalore & Hyderabad, India: Wayfinding System & Signage Design
Functional excellence to the built environment through system design 
With 650,000 sq.ft. of futuristically designed shopping space, Forum Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the country. From shoes to exercise equipment, home furnishings to electronic goods, books to video games, the mall is dotted with both anchor brands as well as new ones. When they approached Leaf for the
way-finding and signage system for their chain of malls in emerging metros, our largest challenge was to make the design stand out amidst the visual chaos and engage the traffic with right information.
Inspired by the word ‘Forum’ and its abstract architecture based on different blocks, we developed a grid-based approach. Colours were solid and bright, alluding to the vibrant Indian palette to build relatability and an atmosphere of celebration. The typography was bold to reinforce the brand ethos and exude prominence. Together the system was created to allow people to immerse into the brand. The grids and designs were made adaptable and scale-able for the expanding network. 
Enriching mall experience through space identification and walkthrough clarity.

Integrated functional guide across all the intersecting spaces.
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