Hustlr: The Birth of a Bold Vision

Hustlr is a retail-ready, single-product brand under the Lenskart umbrella, embodying the relentless spirit of modern entrepreneurship. The genesis of Hustlr dates back to 2022, when Lenskart's Founder and CEO, Peyush Bansal, donned a pair of striking blue wayfarer glasses on Shark Tank India. The frames quickly captured public attention with their perfect fit, distinctive design, and universally flattering shape.

However, these glasses communicated more than just physical appeal. They embodied the essence of the new-age Indian entrepreneur—fearless, ambitious, and driven to achieve excellence. The rising popularity of these frames led to a realization: the brand had to offer more than just stylish eyewear. It had to resonate with the aspirational spirit it evoked.

The Emergence of 'The Hustlr'. 
In November 2022, responding to the burgeoning demand and the emotional connection it stirred, we launched ‘The Hustlr’. This brand quickly became a symbol of entrepreneurial vigor and ambition, becoming one of our top-selling products at Lenskart, with one out of every 35 pairs sold being a Hustlr
Made for Hustle, Made of Hustle.
Crafting the Brand Identity
The branding of Hustlr is meticulously designed to reflect sharp, aggressive intent, from the cutting-edge logotype to the cohesive design language and even the sound branding. Every aspect of the brand design encapsulates the essence of a hustler and the dynamic values of startup culture—youthful energy and a relentless, go-getter attitude.

Hustlr is more than just eyewear; it's a statement, a symbol of ambition, and a testament to the drive and determination that define the modern entrepreneur. It's made for hustle and made of hustle.
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