Tamaring Tiger : Retail Environment & Communication
Crafting an Indian culinary experience for the international palette
With Tamarind tiger, a veteran foodservice in India — K Hospitality decided to serve the country's cuisine on an urban platter. Known well for their signature restaurant chains like Copper Chimney and Bombay Brasserie — driven to put Indian food on the high table. When they decided to make their pursuit global, we helped them with the brand and communication strategy of Tamarind tiger.

Tamarind tiger opened its first restaurant on the famous Baker Street, London with a novel concept of Indian takeaway meals!

This QSR brand offers innovative Indian flavours, drawing on authentic ingredients and local produce, and aims to bring in a fresh take on Indian cuisine.

Our brand design approach was inspired by how the food concept combines and brings a perfect balance between an Indian taste and modern aesthetics; that customers can enjoy with company, any time of the day that they decide to walk-in or swing by.

Breaking the too-heavy, too-spicy stereotype and changing the universal perception of Indian food, to be the choice of every urbaner, for taste as well as nutrition.

Crafting an Indian food brand that packs the essence of the cuisine in a contemporary fashion and stands out in the surfeit of quick-service competitors.
Fast lives need good food
Urban life has radically changed how we eat our meals. Meals have become the quick fixes we need throughout the day to match the pace of life in the fast lane. People turn to takeouts and quick-service food desperately that perfectly suits this need of an hour. Indian food is dismissed as a go-to option by an international audience, often looked greasy and loaded with spices — too heavy and unhealthy. This is what needed an attitude shift. With the vision to offer everyday value options for such an audience, Tamarind tiger came to us with a novel concept of India-inspired meals, for their first outlet in London.
A new flavour of India
The Tamarind tiger has an diverse menu of fusion meals that are a perfect blend of local produce and authentic Indian flavours. While creating a brand experience for them, we were inspired by how the food was a perfect fusion to be served as an urban Indian choice. Take for instance creative combinations like Quinoa Upma alongside Tamarind Chickpeas. Thus our overall approach retained a quintessential Indian essence with the clean, minimal and modern look and feel.
Goodness as the main ingredient
Takeaway Goodness Every Day — this the mantra of tamarind tiger for serving beyond food at the counter. Our philosophy affirms that doing good is rather simple, effortless and natural. And we definitely do it with our food, which is thoughtful and enriching. But more than that, we believe in handmade happiness and unlocking simple moments of joy within the business of the day, creating that pause to enjoy a good meal, have conversations, spreading smiles and positivity. All these are the ingredients for the one culture Tamarind tiger believes in — Goodness.
Creating a conversation with the Chai Bar
In India, chai is more than just a cup of tea to start the day — the thick sweet drink is an integral part of the rhythm of life. Whereas its British counterpart: tea is considered to be the colonial origin of it. Tea is undoubtedly a prominent feature of British culture and society. Hence, India's favourite drink has a special place at the Tamarind tiger — the Chai Bar. It is a uniquely distinct counter not only for speciality tea such as Masala Chai, Kashmiri Kahwa, but also single origin Indian Coffee and other beverages. It's where people mingle and unwind with delectably sweet, shot-sized and classic chai glasses.
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